Thoughts of Freedom

woman wearing black and grey tattersall blazer and multicolored plaid skirt with black mesh stocking and yellow chunky heeled sandals sitting on grey concrete pathway
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The Definition of Me

written by: Tammy Robinson

Your view is skewed.

Your words are crass.

Your tone is belligerent.

Your body language speaks of agitation.

Your depiction is inaccurate.

Therefore, your perception is tainted.

You’ve overstepped your boundaries.

Why do I say these things?

You put me inside a glass box.  Like all the other boxes. I don’t fit.

You see me with the eyes of your expectations. You introduce me, but I won’t meet them.

You speak to me from a place of angry dismissal. I can’t be who you want me to be.  Truth is, I can only be the true definition of me.

You lift your nose and turn your head.  You cross your arm and shake your head.

You say to yourself and sometimes out loud, “I thought she was this or that.” Unfortunately, the image in your head and reality does not match.

Well…unfortunately for you.

See, I’m not like her and she is not like me.

Yes, we’re Leading Ladies but we don’t lead the same.

Your comparison is off.


Pair us together as a complement.

Kingdom work takes the entire squad.

Created in His image and likeness; His handiwork was crafted so well, there could not be another like me.

Fashioned with purpose.  Adorned with grace. Designed with intention.

I can’t be who you want me to be. Truth is, I can only be the true definition of me.