Help Meet or Checkmate?

war chess
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“God didn’t call me to be the pastor. He called my husband!”

“I ain’t got to be bothered with those people!”

“If they don’t like me, then oh well!”

How many times have I heard those words? How many times did I say them myself? Oh, how wrong we are! As pastor’s wives, we are not just partners in marriage; we are partners in ministry. That partnership is not defined by the people, but by you and your spouse. God has uniquely and divinely paired the two of you together. Your gifts and purpose should complement the ministry vision that God has given to your husband. Vision is ever evolving and unfolding. We must catch the vision so that we can help it come to pass.

And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Genesis 2:18

God designed us to helpers not hindrances. Our attitudes, actions, and apathy can interfere with what God is trying to do through our husbands in ministry. When we operate in arrogance, pride, and selfish-ambition; we open the door for the enemy to walk right in and wreak havoc. The devil thrives in division. While we are walking around defending our offense, we are creating unnecessary pressure on our husband’s ministry. How?

Any husband that is worth his weight in manhood is by nature a protector. So, he will feel the need to defend his wife that is acting out of character of the Spirit of God. We have the power to influence the atmosphere of our ministries. As Leading Ladies, we should lead by example. Snooty and unapproachable or gracious and warmhearted, the choice is ours. Our lives are in the limelight. For some it is in the spotlight, especially if you are co-pastoring. Put your best self forward.

My husband has tried on several occasions to teach me to play the game of Chess. I don’t necessarily like to play, but I indulge him because he likes it. The first thing he taught me was the rules. He told me the names of the pieces, and what direction each could move on the board. The King is the most important piece, but he is also the weakest. However, the Queen is the most powerful. She can move in any direction. The primary objective in chess is to checkmate your opponents King. This means to render Him useless. So we must keep the King safe at all times. In order to do this, we must be purposeful and strategic in our moves.

Each Chess piece has value. Our attitudes, actions, and outlook towards ministry are all important. The enemy is trying to render the ministry of God useless. Let’s not play into his hands, and deliver over our king by carelessly losing our pieces. We have the ability to make ministry matter or messy. So, let’s check ourselves, and not deliver the enemy a checkmate.




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