Free To Be Me

B Uniquely U is an avenue of encouragement, motivation and prayerfully, inspiration. Being the wife of a pastor is not the easiest position to hold. There is no manuscript, or step-by-step guide on how to do it right. There are, however, a lot of critics and armchair coaches that believe that they know how it should be done, even when they have never held the position.

It is okay to simply be You. Authenticity is key to living your life in the Freedom of Self. It’s harder to try and fit in than to just be the Unique U that God has called you to be. No need to waste time and energy on trying to emulate Debra Morton or Taffi Dollar. They are already doing them. So just do You.

You are right where God wants you to be. Now do what God has called you to do. Whether it’s Co-shepherding His flock, leading the women’s ministry, or merely being the positive presence in the congregation, your role is ordained and approved by God. It’s not an assignment of competition with another that holds the same title, but rather a complementing of the one that you are entitled to.

If no one has ever told you, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made…”. You are beautiful. You are gracious. You have purpose. You are exquisitely unique. And God wants you to be free to be the best version of you that you can be. Go forth and be Uniquely U with the freedom to be.